OpenKM is an Open Source web-based Enterprise Content Management Software. OpenKM has been developed using Java technology based on Java EE standards and can work on any operating systems like Unix, Linux or Windows.

About OpenKM

OpenKM is more than just an Open Source Document Management System (DMS), in fact OpenKM is a full fledged Enterprise Content Management Software. 

On this page we shall give You a glimpse of the features, advantages and benefits of OpenKM.

OpenKM provides a solution that helps in controlling the production, storage, management and distribution of digital documents efficiently thus enabling an easy access of the information and a controlled flow of the documents. In this document management software all the important functions including document management, alliance and advanced search are integrated to one simple solution. Administrative utility tools are provided by the system to designate different user roles, access control, user limit, security level of the documents, complete activity records and setup for automation.

The benefits of OpenKM Document Management software for an organisation are as below:

• Policies and standards can be set.
• Rules and policies can established
• Customised applications can be designed, implemented and administered for document management.
• Accountability and authority can be designated.
• Different services relevant to the management and application of the documents are provided.
• Business applications and processes can be integrated with the document management system.

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